Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Listen If You're A Dog Owner Or Parent

The title of this post is also the title of the newest and bestest podcast. It also suggests that I don't want dog owners and parents to listen; in fact, the opposite is true. But I do think a lot of money is wasted on dogs. And I also think that parents spend way too much time, energy and dollars and greeting cards filled with pictures of their four-year-old children. But that's just me...a single, immature, 28-year-old father of none.

SITE UPDATE: The podcast still hasn't loaded----it usually takes three minutes to load and I'm 45 minutes deep and it's still not finished. I can't any longer, though; several Vickers-related games are tipping off and I need to post this sucker to avoid the dreaded "cheater" label.

Thursday's Vickers...


Irish (+3.5) vs. Pitino

Northwestern (+2) vs. Flyin' Illini

St. Mary's (+4.5) vs. Gonzorga

Something Called Wofford (+12.5) vs. Dave Davidson


Mavs (+3.5) vs. Celtics

Warriors (-3.5) vs. Blazers

Yesterday: 8-2
Overall: 319-277-18