Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix Is My Pick In The 2009 Celebrity Death Pool

Good Fucking Christ, have you seen David Letterman's interview with Joaquin Phoenix? I just heard the audio on Howard Stern and immediately rushed to my computer machine to watch it on (an Internet website); it didn't disappoint. Unless this is an act -- like Sasha Baron Cohen being interviewed as Borat -- this is the most riveting ten minutes in broadcast history.

But before you watch this train wreck (or boat crash) I'd like to reveal that I'm starting a celebrity death pool today----and I get the first pick----and I'm taking River Phoenix's less-talented, more hair-lipped (and more alive) brother, Joaquin (even ahead of Artie Lange!). Not since Rodney Dangerfield crashed the set of Costas Now (sorry, no video) have I been more sure of a celebrity's imminent death. Enjoy...

By the way, I'm going to sound like a moron saying this, but...David Letterman is hysterical -- only Kenny Mayne could have done more with a whacked-out Joaquin Phoenix. (Note: Forgive me for assuming late-night talk shows lacked comedic properties. Besides, it's hard to justify watching network crap when I pay a fortune to watch things like Warriors-Clippers games on NBA League Pass.) Anyway...

-Brad Spieser (


Stuart said...

i got lil wayne in that pool. he has 6 months tops. you heard it here first.