Friday, February 13, 2009

Danica Patrick, Drugs, Baseball, Basketball, Etc.

1. Danica Patrick, despite sporting the meanest of mean faces, possesses a nice butt, and that kind of pisses me off.

2. Think about it: If the Bearcats manage to escape with a victory in the murderer's row that is their next four games (at Pitt, vs. Louisville, vs. Huggins, at the Cuse), they merely have to beat Seton Hall and South Florida to make the Big Dance, and that is more than a little shocking.

3. The smartest piece written about Michael Phelps being photographed sucking on a weed pipe was penned by Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. (Note: The white meat can be read on Sons of the Tundra)

4. Milwaukee Bucks PG Ramon Sessions, perhaps a mammal you've heard of, is upsetting me. Just last week he tossed up a 44-point game (on 18 FGAs!), and during the last week of last season, his rookie year, the second-rounder out of Nevada dished out 24 assists in a single contest. So, Brad, why does this upset you? Great question, Jimmy! The reason this upsets me might not make any sense to you, mostly because it doesn't make much sense to me. But here goes: Nick Van Exel's career highs in points and assists are 44 and 23, and I never want to see anyone eclipse those numbers in a game. I am a crazy person.

5. My current Streak For The Cash streak is at six games. Just saying.

6. Paul Daugherty recently had a line about Mick Cronin that reminded me why I'll never approach his level as a writer: "He made playing in the Big East seem like crossing a minefield in a stagecoach." Where does he come up with that stuff?

7. Roy Oswalt is a jackass. Within the same interview, he suggests that A-Rod's numbers should be erased, but he also is giving former teammate Roger Clemens "the benefit of the doubt." Jackass.

8. If I see another mock draft with Kansas State QB Josh Freeman in the middle of the first round I might just blow things up with dynamite. I laughed when the Ravens snagged Kyle Boller and I'll do the same with Freeman. The guy is a bum.

9. The "Don't Listen If You're A Dog Owner Or Parent" podcast is up. Go listen.

10. The Brian Vickers System recently produced a nice little stretch, and now we're sitting at 44 games over .500, with the goal being 100 by the end of the NBA playoffs. Tonight's picks...

Illinois-Chicago (+13) vs. The Butler Butts

Huggins (-4) vs. Champagne Supernova

Yesterday: 4-2
Overall: 323-279-18

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Daniel Phillips said...

Oswalt is not a jackass. He said in the interview that Clemens should be given the benefit of the doubt because at this point it is nothing but suspision. It also says that if it is proven that Clemens used, then his numbers should be erased as well. Admitting you took steroids isn't the same as someone saying you did.

Daniel Phillips said...