Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unrealistic Movie Scene (Scream)

Way back when I was fifteen I saw Scream seven times (in less than three weeks!) at various Cincinnati movie theaters. I didn't necessarily think it was great, but I absolutely loved it, if that makes any sense. I still do, actually----for the same reason you might love Red Dawn or Perfect Strangers or Bananarama or some other form of pop culture that went down when you still had your head up your ass. Feeling nostalgic can be dangerous, but it's really out of our control; that being the case, I'm not going to apologize for loving a semi-terrible movie from 1996. Because, goddamn, it makes me feel nostalgic.

But anyway, I realized two things after about the third viewing of Scream:

1. Rose McGowan has one of the Top 30 butts in the history of mid-90's horror flicks.

2. Maybe the single most ridiculous scene in horror movie history (granted, I've only seen about nine horror movies) takes place in the first half of the movie.

Focus on point No. 2...

Brief explanation of the the ridiculous scene in question, which is preceded by the details leading up to it in run-on sentence form: City-wide panic had spread as the result of multiple (and obviously related) carefully-plotted murders to high school students and -- during the middle of the afternoon -- hours before every shop would close up for precautionary measures, the teenage girl in town, who is clearly the target of the killer(s), and who has constant police surveillance, strolls into a grocery store with her friend -- again, in the middle of a sunny afternoon, while the town is in a frenzy -- only to be stalked (but not attacked) by a psycho dressed head-to-toe in a black gown and Halloween mask (i.e., precisely the same outfit worn by the town killer).

Enjoy (and start the video at the 1:20 mark -- unless you prefer achieving nostalgic bliss like me. In that case, watch the entire friggin' thing):

-Brad Spieser (