Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coach Higgins Is Back In Town. Perhaps You've Heard

1. A new podcast is posted. You're might be listening to it right now. It's titled "Hair Products And The Legitimacy Of Jesus," but you probably already knew that. It's slightly better than non-terrible. We discuss, among other things, hair products and the legitimacy of Jesus. You might want to listen.

2. Huggs comes back tonight. I would lay down in traffic for the man. Tonight could be difficult. As of now, I'm far too emotional to write anything coherent. I will try to put this in perspective tomorrow.

3. Mo Egger posted video of his favorite Bearcat win on his blog today. He chose the 2002 victory over Memphis. Solid win----Steve Logan adds to his legacy (or whatever)----but nowhere near the best Bearcat win of the Huggs era. I mean, did you watch the '98 Great Alaska Shootout? Anyway, because I don't want to complete bite his gimmick, here's video of one of the worst losses of the Huggs era...the '97 second-round tourney loss to Iowa State.

In this video you will get to see (a.) a relatively skinny Bob Huggins, (b.) Darnell Burton, (c.) Darnell Burton being tackled at the most critical moment of the game, the referees reacting to said on-court assault by whistling Burton for a travelling violation and (e.)Brad Spieser throwing a remote control.


But seriously, I always think about stuff like, would Huggs still be here if they won the Iowa State game? Ditto for the Jarrod West game, or even his last game against Kentucky University, when Jihad Muhammed decided to miss about 75 shots in the last five minutes. Questions, man. Questions.

By the way, I'm predicting a UC loss tonight...and they'll struggle to crack 50 points.

Thursday Vickers...


Flyin' Illini (-8) vs. Gold Gophers

St. Joey (+3.5) vs. Muskies

College Cavs (3.5) vs. Hurricanes

UAB Blazers (+4) vs. Memphis State

Wazzu (-2.5) vs. Zona

Steve Nash (+10) vs. Gonzorga


Rockets (+3.5) vs. LeBron James

Yesterday: 2-6
Overall: 366-312-18

-Brad Spieser (