Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 76 (2K8 Is Almost Over)

Funniest moment of 2008: Dan Orlovsky's impressive awareness...

Funniest piece of literature of 2008: The December 8, 2008 issue of The Sporting News. Explain. In a piece by Stan McNeal about the increase of text messaging by MLB G.M.s, I found this nugget about former Reds G.M Jim Bowden...

Just ask rival G.M.s about rival Bowden. Though none would consent to being
quoted, many say Bowden has become known for e-mailing trade proposals so
lopsided in his club's favor that he could be laughed at or hung up on if the
same offer were made the traditional ways. "It's like a running joke," one G.M.

Best new gambling system inspired by a relatively nondescript car driver: The Brian Vickers System.

New Years Eve Vickers...


Vandy (+3.5)
vs. Boston College


Northeatern (+18.5)
at Memphis

Utah (+6) vs. Gonzorga

Depaul (+7.5) vs. Notre Dame

New Year's Day Vickers***more picks likely to be added after I wake up***

Fighting Bearcats of Cincinnati University (-2.5) vs. What's a Hokie?

**********Special Note**********

For the first time this season I am publicly turning my back on the Brian Vickers System. Michigan State (+7.5) vs. Georgia qualifies on every level, but I'm using my brain this time around. Part of the problem with the Vickers System this year, and one thing we'll tweak before next football season, is that I never give myself enough credit for knowing a lot about football. Just because I lost a bunch in the past doesn't mean I didn't have plenty o moments when I simply knew what was going to happen. And tomorrow, I know--KNOW--Gerogia is going to roll Michigan State's ass. I've seen this game happen a million times and I've won money more often than not. I'm not necessarily telling you to take Georgia, and I won't count it on my record if I'm right, but I'm definitely suggesting you stay away from the Spartans.

That is all.

Yesterday: 4-5
Overall: 144-130-6

-Brad Spieser (