Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 68 (Hotter Than A Young Jessica Biel)

Banner day for Lord Brian on Saturday: Eight wins against only one loss. Y'all haters can back up now for real. Anyway, Sunday's picks...


Raiders (+7)
vs. Texans

Giants (-3.5) vs. Panthers

Words: Are the Panthers the best team in football? Me thinks so.


Thunder (+13)
vs. Cavs

Things: There are degenerate scumbags all throughout Cleveland with oodles of extra cash for the holidays. The Cavs are 21-5 against the spread and look like a lock (alliteration) to improve to 22-5. Cavs, gooder than heck; Thunder, awful. Why can't Vegas make this pointspread 18 or 20? At least then I could act like the Thunder wouldn't still be a Vickers.


Clemson (+3.5) at Miami

Yesterday: 8-1
Overall: 115-106-6

-Brad Spieser (