Monday, December 15, 2008

Pushing Kids Down Steps And Child Molestation!

In our latest podcast, "Pushing Kids Down Steps And Child Molestation," two of our running jokes from the Vegas trip are highlighted:

The first is "pushing kids down steps." Explain. Whenever Craig and I were even mildly annoyed with anything - poor service, a long line, a losing blackjack hand, whatever - we would let anyone in our general vicinity know that we were going to take it out on our kids by "pushing them down the steps." Believe it or not this wasn't always received warmly. Whatever.

Another running joke was over-use of the phrase, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," which we applied to every situation possible, even when it didn't make sense. Should I eat Chinese or pizza? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Also, you might be one of them peoples who think child molestation isn't a laughing matter, but we disprove that with the final sixty seconds of the podcast. Sure, it's offensive, but it's one of our funniest stretches to date.

Listen. Enjoy. Push your kids down the steps!

-Brad Spieser (