Monday, December 22, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 69 (Death To Matt Cassel)

At what point can I classify Lord Brian's hot streak as sizzling? I mean, Jesus, a weekend of heavy betting just passed by and we only lost one game. One. Twelve loss. Impressive, right? Absolutely.

Sizzling? No doubt.

I could get used to this. On to the Monday Vickers...


Packers (+4)
at Bears

Forget about the Bears being desperate for a win and the Packers being less than decent. Because, to tell you the truth, I don't care about the outcome of tonight's game; my interest lies solely with Aaron P. Rodgers and Gregory Alexander Jennings.

I need monster performances tonight if I'm going to win either of my two Super Bowls. I won't bore you with the details, but I have Rodgers in one league and Jennings in both. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking (a.) fantasy football stories aren't interesting (b.) there's no way Rodgers and Jennings are going crazy tonight with Chicago's current temperature hovering around ZERO. And while I agree with everything that's running through your mind at the moment, I'd ask you to consider the case of the Pats-Cards game from yesterday.

Ordinarily I'd be encouraged by the advancement of the forward pass in poor weather, but in this case, Matt Cassel's otherworldly performance happened on the exact same freaking day as I was playing against him.

And as angry as I was that Cassel was completely unaffected by the blizzard in the greater Boston area, it doesn't compare with the rage I'd like to direct towards Bill Belichick's stupid face.
Consider: In the 4th Quarter...of a lopsided 44-0 affair...Belichick was ordering up passes from the shotgun formation. That really happened.

It was one thing after another yesterday, and if Cassel just posts an above average game for the conditions (say 20 points, compared to the 38 our scoring system rewarded), I'd be at the liquor store right now, seeing how much Moet they had in stock. But now? I'm a little nervous and a lot pissed. Last I checked winning $1000 is a little different than winning $400.

But I digress...


James Madison (+3.7)
vs. Seton Hall

Things: The Vickers System was (in part) formed because of games like this. Do I know anything about James Madison? No, but they're goddamn James Madison. And Seton Hall plays in the Big East.

East Carolina (+9) vs. Wake Forest

Words: Wake remains (a.) undefeated and (b.) ranked in the top ten. So, why no respect from Vegas in a home game against the Fighting Jeff Blakes?

Utah State (-4.2) vs. Utah

Stuff: Utah is a basketball school. I can't recall a single time Utah State's name was listed after a (14) in a 3-14 tourney game. Are they even a mid major? Low major? Why are they favored by so many against a team with considerable name recognition?

Northeastern (+2) at Indiana

Things: Indiana is in the middle of their worst season ever, and yet I can guarantee they will have a sizable talent advantage tonight over Northeastern. This is bullshit. I thought we went through this already when Indiana murdered small-underdog Cornell...

Long Beach State (+7) vs. Temple

Words: I have no words.

Georgia Southern (+23.8) at Florida

Stuff: I just looked it up...Georgia Southern sports a 3-5 record on the season. In their last time out, something called North Dakota State beat them 98-77. 98 points! To North Dakota State! Somehow I think Florida will have very little trouble putting ball in basket.

Yesterday: 4-0
Overall: 119-106-6

-Brad Spieser (