Friday, December 12, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 59 (Intelligent Quotes And Whatnot)

A couple of things before moving on to our once-again unimpressive gambling system named for a nondescript car racer...

1. If you ever wanted to know why beat writers hate their lives, take a look at the following quote: "I just dribbled hard and jumped. The shot went in."

That was courtesy of Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu, speaking to a host of beat writers, shortly after he nailed a 25-foot 3-pointer with 0.3 seconds remaining to steal a 109-108 road win at Portland.

"I just dribbled hard and jumped. The shot went in."

That's all Turkoglu gave them, and they had to turn around and make a story out of it. Question: How does Chick Ludwig remain so enthusiastic about his job?

2. As you probably already know I posted a new podcast ("Getting Friendly With Black Strippers") on Thursday. I didn't have enough time to give a quick write-up, but you really don't need one. In a sentence, I'd say this: It's the story of a guy I know getting close to an on-duty black stripper, and the discussion of why her skin color makes the story funnier.

Finally, the Friday Vickers:

76ers (+10.5) at Cavs

Grizzlies (+2) vs. Bulls

-Brad Spieser (