Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 58 (Pop Music Edition)

Does it make me a gay guy for LOVING Rihanna's "Disturbia?" Yes? Okay then, I'm a gay guy. Find me a penis to admire! Anyway, "Disturbia" is so good I can barely breathe when it's on. I know it's not exactly a new single, but let's not forget: I'm not exactly a hip young fellow anymore; at 28-years-old I'm a little behind the times.

In case you were wondering about my top four pop songs of this decade performed by females, the list looks something like this:

1. Pink's "U + Ur Hand"

2. Rihanna's "Disturbia" (video below)

3. Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone"

4. Beyonce's "Crazy in Love"

Now that we gots that out of the way, here are Wednesday's Vickers:


San Diego State (+6) at Arizona

Washington State (+5.5) vs. Gonzaga


76ers (+6.5)
vs. Cavs?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hawks (+6.5) at Spurs

Yeserday's record: 1-3
Overall record: 93-91-4

Without further ado, Rihanna's "Disturbia." Note: What takes this song to the next level, for me, is the "Throw on your break lights" part. This goes down at the 0:48 mark. Enjoy...

-Brad Spieser (