Friday, December 26, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter (Dwight Howard's Shoulders Edition)

You know how the words genius and hero are grossly overused? Well, I have another word to add to the list: Vintage.

During Thursday's Magic-Hornets broadcast, the word was used two different times within ninety seconds - and by two different humans - to describe...wait for it...wait for it...Stan Van Gundy and Keith Bogans!

Following a TV timeout, ESPN showed a clip of Van Gundy, who was mic'd up for the game, motivating his troops. Dan Shulman described this as "Vintage Stan Van Gundy."

Next up: Doris Burke. While watching highlights of Keith Bogans playing solid man-to-man defense, Burke was quick to point out that this was "Vintage Keith Bogans."

I would have written about this sooner, but I've been busy begging my mom not to leave my dad for Dwight Howard and his shoulders. I shit you not, her knees buckled when she first saw this behemoth, and then spent the rest of the night telling family members about the wonders of Dwight Howard.

Could I blame her? Of course not. Anyway, Friday's Vickers...


Florida Atlantic (+7)
vs. Central Michigan


The Elton Brandless 76ers (+6.5) vs. Nuggets

(Note: And Philly was less than mediocre with Brand)

Warriors (+10.5) vs. Celtics

Overall record: 128-114-6

-Brad Spieser (