Monday, December 22, 2008

Handsome Men And Britney Spears Is Smart

(Do you remember the night of that particular Britney Spears performance? That was the night she was largely considered a disgusting fat pig. Just a reminder.)

1. Do you think Britney Sears has a remarkably high IQ? Craig and I do. Think about it: She's once again a pop star and she doesn't have to babysit her kids anymore. Did Craig and I predict this? You betcha.

2. What moment from your past made you consider being a gay? Might it have been the night Gavin Rossdale played "Glycerine" in the driving rain for a bunch of drunken Spring Breakers? Be honest. (Note: Video below)

3. Does anyone else miss the great Keri Russell? I certainly do. In related news, did you see her recent semi-nude (but completely tasteful, wink-wink) photos in the somehow-still-in-business Details magazine?

Thems is the kind of things y'all can here 'n' shit if you listen to our four-minute podcast, "Handsome Men And Britney Sears Is Smart." Enjoy. And don't be afraid to admit you're a little gay from time to time.


The aforementioned Gavin-Rossdale-is-shockingly-handsome video:

(Site news: Craig and I are recording new podcasts this afternoon. I'm way behind on email, but I promise to answer them all at some point today.)

-Brad Spieser (