Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 52

With four wins against one loss yesterday, the Vickers System is back on track, and my confidence is swelling. In fact, it's swollen.

Five more picks tonight:


Chargers (-9
) vs. Raiders

Words: When is Vegas going to adjust Charger lines?


Rutgers (-10.5)
vs. Louisville

Stuff: Rutgers is 6-5, and quarterbacked by Mike is this a recipe to become a double-digit favorite against a team who's one win short of bowl eligibility?


Buffalo (+14.5)

Things: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Oklahoma (-8.5) vs. USC

Seems like too many points to me.

Texas (-6) vs. UCLA

Seems like the line should be three or four, not six.

-Brad Spieser (