Monday, December 15, 2008

Super Tecmo Bowl Feats--Gambling Tales--Sex

Another podcast for you people: "Super Tecmo Bowl Feats--Gambling Tales--Sex."

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, T.I. claimed to be eleven-years-old the first time he had sexual intercourse; Ike Turner famously lost his virginity at age seven. What were you doing at similar ages? Were you trying to break single-game rushing records on Super Tecmo Bowl? I was.

Also heard on the podcast:

Do you remember Nothwestern's 54-51 upset of Michigan around the turn of the century? You know, Damian Anderson's drop, A-Train's fumble, Drew Henson looking like the next Elway, etc. Is it coming back to you? Well, Craig and I briefly discuss that game, and I declare it one of the five worst losses of my gambling career. Feel free to start the video at the 2:52 mark:

(Speaking of Drew Henson, I mention in the podcast that he threw a touchdown pass in the NFL and cranked a dinger in the bigs, but I was only half right; Henson was homerless in 9 career ABs with the Yankees. I found this out by checking out his baseball-reference page, which is sponsored by a funny guy who saw Henson's failures coming a mile away.)

One other topic on the podcast is the amount of sex Travis Henry had in his stretch of producing nine kids with nine different women. Think about it: You probably know all sorts of couples who are actively trying to make babies and have no luck. They see specialists, they take wonder drugs, they have a banging schedule, and dice. So, I'm thinking it's incredibly difficult to make a child, and it's all a numbers game (i.e., the more unprotected intercourse you have, the more likely you'll reproduce). That being the case, Henry had to be the most active human being in the Western Hemisphere over the last fifteen years or so.

Is this the type of listening experience you might enjoy? I thought so.

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