Friday, December 5, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 53 (No Longer Ashamed)

The Americans I hated most in the 90's were members of the anti-Barry Sanders crowd.

The reason: Yeah, but...

Yeah, but is what the anti-Barry Sanders crowd had to say after Sanders threw up one of his patented 21 carry, 166-yard games on the strength of two sixty-yard touchdowns. Yeah, I get it: He averaged two yards-per-carry on his other nineteen carries, but Jesus...the guy had two sixty-yard touchdown runs!

I'm bringing his up because the Vickers System now sports a respectable 82-77-4 record; less than a month ago it was 58-62-1. On the weekend of 11/8 and 11/9, Vickers went 2-8. Things got worse the weekend of 11/15 and 11/16, when we posted a 1-8 record.

For those who don't have their TI-82 calculator handy, that's a 3-16 record over a two-weekend stretch. Three wins in nineteen tries! Unbelievable. It's possible you could go the rest of your life and never see such a crappy run. Whatever. Lord Brian is back, and I never lost faith. But it doesn't keep me from proclaiming, Had it not been for our 3-16 stretch our record would be 79-61-4. Essentially, Yeah, but...

I've become the person I hate. I hate myself.

Anyway, Friday's picks...


Buffalo (+15.5)
vs. Ball State


Wizards (+12)
vs. Lakers


Texas A & M (-3.5)
vs. Arizona

-Brad Spieser (