Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Michael Vick Faces The Dogs

Ha ha, pardon my terribly inappropriate pun, but it is about all I can do to keep calm over this.

Now that his situation with Michael Vick and the revelation of illegal dog fights is re-circulating, it only infuriates me all the more. Whether he was involved in it or not, this really does make me sick.

I normally don't talk about anything related to sports, but this is obviously a special subject.

Having said that, let me also say this-- I'm not a Michael Vick hater, nor am I a supporter. And it is as simple as this.

If he knew about it, if he let it go on, and especially if he took part in it, he should be suspended or banned. Barred from football until he full reconciles and rectifies his actions, and repents for his sins against life.

This isn't like Pete Rose betting on baseball, Pete Rose didn't have the lives of innocent creatures in his hands. Pete was out to make money. Greed. But he wasn't merciless. He should be allowed back in to baseball, in my opinion, after all that has happened, and all that has changed.

On the other hand, if Vick had no idea about the dog fighting or any other illegal activities that may have taken place on the properties owned by him and lived in by his cousin or other relatives, he should be let off and kept in the NFL, but should have it made clear to him that he needs to more closely monitor the events happening on his property.

I would podcast about this, but I think I might blow a gasket and go in to much more detail.

Here are links to ESPN Source and DeadSpin's articles on the matter. Fun. The ESPN Source article is especially disturbing.

--J. Spieser