Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trampoline Fun!!! - 7/11/07

I need to remember that a slow day isn't an excuse for minimal posts. Which is why I searched the word "trampoline" on YouTube. I knew the bear video would pop up, but I kind of forgot about the record setting Chinaman. Either way, both of these videos rule ass. And yes, I had fun typing "Chinaman."

Podcasts are coming soon. I also have a daily Reds wrinkle planned; it should start tonight. This probably isn't exciting to you, and that's because it's not really that exciting.

By the way, why have so few people voted on today's poll? I mean, hell, when Local 12 does a "Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame" poll--which is every other month--they get 60 billion votes. My point is this: Both poll questions are idiotic, so why vote for one and not the other?

I hate myself. I hate you more.

Brad Spieser (