Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Breaking" News! - 7/10/07

A few weeks ago I was bored, so I tried ruining a girl's appetite by showing her the video of the gruesome Shaun Livingston injury. I said to this girl, "Mom, come check out these pretty pictures of butterflies and rainbows." She was excited to see such beauty. Upon visiting the Mecca that is YouTube, I discovered that you can no longer view "Tim Krumrie 2.0." Believe me, I tried everything: "Shaun Livingston," "Shaun Livingston injury," "Shaun Livingston hurts his leg," "Shaun Livingston's leg hurts," Shaun Livingston will be the subject of an Outside the Lines piece very soon," and "Shaun Livingston is going to average 8.6 points per game in the NBDL five years from now." Really, I tried all of those and came up blank. I'm guessing David Stern had this footage removed from YouTube, with his line of thinking being something like "I don't want people experiencing joy at the expense of this unfortunate occurrence."

And that makes sense, I suppose. But it still sucks for the rest of us a-holes that have nothing to do all day. Until now.

I was just scouring Youtube for random injury videos when I stumbled upon one titled "Shaun Livingstone injury." One extra letter means countless pleasure (or whatever) for the blog world. I doubt the shitty speller knows that he's responsible for this, but goddamn, I'd like to shake his right hand.

Without further ado, the video I thought didn't exist...

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