Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Like That, Again - 7/8/07


Well, maybe not. But goddamn do I wish this guy would go on a heroin binge.


(Clearing throat noise)...As you can see, has recently undergone a surgery or twelve (and to think, it was just one week ago when this crappy-looking site broke the firing of Jerry Narron), and we have at least a thousand more surgeries in store. Believe me, we're working hard to turn this into a righteous website. Just as I suspected, I've found that this ain't be being a quick and easy process. Just as I suspected, I'm woefully behind in the category of, um..."computer stuff." No excuses, though, but I will ask you to be patient until we figure out exactly what works.

Until then, you can vote on the daily poll, check out the respective pages of the TwinKilling crew (including new addition Val!) and enjoy my sporadic posts about things like the sexuality of video game characters.

Stay tuned. Tell your friends. Also, touch me there.

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