Saturday, December 1, 2007

Locks of the Millennium

On November 14th, I was the only guy to say that Ohio State still had a shot at playing in the national championship game. In the weeks that followed--after my scenario started playing out--others started jumping on board. And by "others," I mean every goddamn college football writer in the Western Hemisphere.

So what does that have to do with my Locks of the Millennium?

Nothing, really. I just wanted to pat myself on the back for beating everyone else to the punch.

Okay, I do have a tie-in, and it's this: I'm terrified of Missouri. Actually, what's worse than terrified? Because I'm that.

The same day I posted my scenario of OSU making it to New Orleans, a reader, an Oklahoma fan, thought I was nuts to think OSU still had a shot. She also thought the Sooners were the best team in the nation. My response was this: I still think Mizzou's better than Oklahoma.

As one team after another started dropping (including her beloved Sooners), it became clear that the Missouri-Kansas winner controlled their own destiny, which meant that a win over Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game would secure their ticket to New Orleans. Which is why, my picks last week were made with my heart, and not my head. I knew Missouri was better than Kansas. In fact, I told everyone all week long that they were the play. But in the back of my mind, all I kept thinking was, "Oklahoma will murder Kansas, but Mizzou is a 50/50 game...please Kansas, beat Missouri. This is why I made the Missouri-Kansas OVER my lock last week instead of Missouri. It's usually a bad idea not to follow your gut instinct when wagering on sporting contests.

Because of this, I can't make Missouri my UPSET SPECIAL, although I think they have a great shot at beating Oklahoma. Believe me, I hope I'm wrong. I hope my guts have shit for brains. I hope Vegas is right for making OU a favorite today. Jesus, I feel like Red at the end of "Shawshank," with my endless string of "I hopes."

I hope.

Anyway, the picks:

NCAA: Oklahoma-Missouri OVER (65.5)

NFL: Jacksonville (+7) at Indianapolis

-Brad Spieser (