Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The University of Oregon Has Awesome Stuff

Mark this video down as something that might only be interesting to me. If you've never seen the facilities at the University of Oregon you won't believe your eyes. Nike CEO Phil Knight is an Oregon alum and has decided that not only do the Ducks need 856 different uniform combinations, but also the most futuristic-looking lockers to store such clothing.

It goes without saying that Oregon has the finest facilities of any university on the planet. As for the pros...

I've been inside the locker rooms of two professional sports teams (Bengals and Reds), and I can tell you that those two were nowhere near as nice as Oregon's. Now, it's true that I haven't seen what Mark Cuban has going on in Dallas, and I haven't watched a documentary about the size of Kobe Bryant's bath tub in Los Angeles, but I'd be surprised if even a pro team can match what's going on in Eugene, Oregon. Really.

Enjoy (and I apologize for the meathead douche who hosts the video)...

-Brad Spieser (