Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hot Girl in Underpants Playing Indoor Badminton!

It's fairly difficult for me to concentrate at the moment. There's three reasons for this problem:

1. I'm headed to Vegas in 36 hours.

2. I'm watching Pretty Woman for the first time in my life. Don't tell me what happens. I'm really hoping these two end up together.

3. Arby's and Sonic have recently added some sort of fried cheesecake bites to their respective menus.

Because of this madness, I'm going to treat you to a video that I swore I would never post. It's not pornographic (YouTube won't allow such filth), but it's not PG-13, either. Who knows, maybe it is PG-15.9846. Regardless, here's a video of a hot girl (with extremely hot calves) playing badminton in her living room. Oh yeah, she's not wearing many clothes.

I promise, what you're about to watch--despite being arousing (or whatever)--is one of the strangest things you will ever watch. Anyway, enjoy...


My personal predictions for Vegas will be posted Thursday afternoon.

-Brad Spieser (