Sunday, December 23, 2007

Craig's Top 5 Super Blacks: Week 2

Top 5 Most Super Blacks of the Week:

1. Omar (The Wire): Really black and really awesome. Sadly, he'll never procreate. (Reader note form Brad: I'm pretty sure Omar has a kid on "The Wire.")

2. Earl Boykins: He's 5'5 and nicknamed "The Squirrel"...and his weiner is much bigger than yours.

3. Travis Henry: Numerous examples (scroll down to the "Controversy" section).

4. Jerome Iginla: He's a black in the NHL. I assume he scores 200 goals per season for the Flames. Sadly, I'm prevented from watching his blackness as a result of not having the Versus Network.

5. Dave Chappelle: Smokes a lot of weed. Is funny. George Carlin might as well tell knock-knock jokes.

Others receiving votes:

Slash (November Rain); Ike Turner.

-Craig (email Brad if you hate me and/or want me to stop breathing.