Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Hope You're an Ohio State Fan...

because I'm going to be more obnoxious than usual over the next month. And I mean, get ready for 5,000 word pieces about the genius of Anderson Russell (or whatever). It'll be bad. I promise. But what else would you expect?

I have very little to live for.

I'd write more about Ohio State now but I'm pretty sure I shattered my elbow last night as I drunkenly wrestled with my landlord. Don't ask.

One more thing about Ohio State before I go over my brother's house to eat various dips and salsas that my sister-in-law prepared: I don't care who they play in New Orleans. Really, I could care less. I'm pretty sure Georgia and USC are the two best teams right now, with Oklahoma right there with them. What that means is the Buckeyes will undoubtedly face an overrated LSU squad. But again, I don't care who they face. Bring on the '85 Bears. Bring on the '96 Bulls. Bring on fucking Sylvester Stallone. I ain't scared, I have Jim Tressel on my side.

And I'd follow Jim Tressel into hell.

Now if you don't mind I have to go listen to "Hang on Sloopy" a couple thousand times in my '98 Dodge Intrepid.

UPDATE: Yes, I know that Ohio State will face LSU in New Orleans. Yes, I know that I should have written more words about this. elbow still hurts like frick. Ohio State words are coming tomorrow.

-Horny White Boy (