Sunday, December 16, 2007

Top 5 Super Blacks: Week 1

Craig has insisted for months that he should contribute something to the website other than podcasts.

This was his brainchild:

Top 5 Most Super Blacks of the Week

1. Omar (The Wire): Overwhelming blackness trumps unfortunate gayness.

2. Slash: He's responsible for 3 of the top 3 guitar solos of all time. Eddie Van Halen is a faggot.

3. Floyd Mayweather: Easily murders white guys with his very black hands.

4. Kevin Garnett: Obvious reasons (i.e., weiner length, basketball skills, etc.).

5. Lil Wayne: Never heard of the guy, but a white acquaintance recently told me that he's "changin' the game" or some shit.

Others receiving votes

The parent(s) of Marcedes Lewis (imagine their thought process while naming him...let's name him something a little flashier than a really nice luxury sedan); Armanti Edwards; Stephen Jackson.

This video is a solid example of Omar's blackness:

A new Top 5 will be posted every Sunday night/Monday morning.

-Craig (email Brad if you hate me and/or want me to stop breathing)