Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brief Vegas Wrap-Up

On some level I feel as if I do owe you more Vegas stories. On another, I'm tired and hungry.

So how about a compromise?


You may recall my tales of asshole-ish behavior that took place inside Leroy's, the depressing sports book inside the Tropicana, from my inagural trip to Vegas.

It's possible that you also remember a few of the characters that seemingly never left the joint.

The first guy was Sags, the grizzled manager who chain-smokes Winstons. He's the dude who dreaded the site of Colly and I, even though he kind of liked us. The other guy was Steel Reserve Guy, a pathetic drunk who drank Steel Reserve all day with hopes of, um...well, Steel Reserve Guy is without hope at this point. Anyway, do you remember these fellows? I thought you might. Not surprisingly, the first time we visited the Tropicana--which we only did to harass Sags--both of these sad sacks were there. And yes, I gots me some pictures.

The first up is Sags. He didn't take kindly to being photographed in the sports book, which is actually a big NO-NO in Vegas. And yes, Sags was actually smoking a cig in the sports book...

The next up is Steel Reserve Guy. Does this look like a guy with a psoitive outlook on life? By the way, check out the background in this photo. Look at the scumbag taking the bets, and the old fart placing them. Is this what's in your mind when you think of modern day Las Vegas. Me neither.

To further illustrate the moribund state of Leroy's, check out this beauty. Remember, this is a Friday night on the Strip, right as NBA games were tipping off. This is unfathomable. This picture shows two-thirds of the entire sports book, and yet only two people are in my shot: a drunken idiot who passed out and some old bastard who has probably died since I took his picture.

So now you know...when I spoke of just how depressing Leroy's is/was...you can see I wasn't exaggerating for dramatic effect. You can also see why I loved it so much. It was just like being on the Westside of Cincinnati.

Other Vegas things...

Not only did I meet Bert Sugar, which I documented here, but I encountered a few other celebrities.

Like Roger Mayweather (aka the craziest sumbitch on the planet). Remember, we were in Vegas for the Hatton-Mayweather fight, so Roger's celebrity status was through the roof. (By the way, who has the more obnoxious jacket? Is it my Mexican soccer jacket or his...actually I don't know how to describe his jacket. Either way, I'm just happy he decided to smile for the right camera. Moron. Wait, Im not looking at the right camera, either. Whatever.)

I also saw Derek Lee. I made sure to drop a "Go Reds" on him after we took the picture. (Note: It's too bad I couldn't keep my eyes open for my snapshot with Lee. I was ready to show the world that I was better looking than a guy who hit 46 HRs in 2005.)

Possibly more Vegas tales later. Now leave me alone.

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)