Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things I Really Shouldn't Know

1. I know how to spell Szczerbiak or Krzyzewski with no hesitation. (Note: I'll always be shaky with Mientkiewicz--I simply don't have that kind of time.)

2. I know that Bears punter Brad Maynard was MAC Defensive Player of the Year at Ball State. And all he did was punt!

3. I know that Rahim Lockhart scored the first points in NBDL history. (Note: I actually watched this happen live. I could describe the play for you but that would make me a bit of a show-off)

4. I know that in the mid-to-late 90's St. Marys used to have a 7'3 guy named Brad Millard, and he was nicknamed "The Big Continent."

5. I know that if you type in 8e7fbfa3 as a password on the original Tecmo Bowl it will take you to a Broncos (you) versus Redskins (cpu) title game.

I am an incredible loser. I also graduated high school with a 1.9 GPA!

Have any useless facts that will be stuck in your mind forever? Email me.

-Brad Spieser (