Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paper-Rock-Scissors Should be an Olympic Event

Being that I just completed a paper-rock-scissors tourney down at the valet (I was ousted in the semifinals), I thought it would be appropriate to post one of the ten best pieces of literature ever written about the sport.

Chuck Klosterman--Esquire Magazine, May 2007

How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

"This is a con I read about twenty-five years ago in Chuck Wielgus and Alexander Wolff's The In-Your-Face Basketball Book, but it continues to work with unprecedented success: The next time you have to settle a minor dispute, challenge your adversary to a game of rock-paper-scissors. Count to three and pick whatever option you want, but make sure your throw is extremely (and obviously) late. Your opponent will accuse you of cheating, and you will say, "Sorry, my fault. Let's do it again." Make note of whatever choice your opponent made; in all likelihood, he will attempt the same throw again. When faced with this situation, players inevitably try to use reverse psychology. They will almost always replicate their previous throw, based on the assumption that you will be expecting something different. But you are not. Victory is yours."

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)