Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Take on the Latest Chris Berman Video

Watch this before YouTube takes it down. It's a video that is endlessly funny, although I'm not sure why. Everything about this video seems entirely normal and yet I still find it to be hilarious.

I think this video is supposed to show me why Berman is a scumbag. Or perhaps it supposed to make me think he's a raging pillhead. To me, the video just makes Berman seem human. More human than ever before, actually. So the guy took some Canadian aspirin (which sounds delicious, by the way), but that doesn't make him a bad guy. Maybe a slightly illegal guy, but no big whoop.

(Also, a new podcast has been posted. It's titled "i hate nascar and i want kurt busch to die." I never really got to make my point because Craig asked me about the only black driver we could remember. This fun twist happened a little after the 2-minute mark. It's hands down the hardest either of us had ever laughed during a podcasting session. Give her a listen.)

-Brad Spieser (