Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Reds Draft A Powerful Cuban

Girls occasionally engage in tongue-kissing sessions with me. I'm telling you this because I watched the MLB draft today, which, technically, makes me a nerd. But anyway, when the Reds drafted something called Yonder Alonso, I was ecstatic, of course, because of his righteous name. And then ESPN showed a few clips of this mule. (Holy hell, this dude is slow and unathletic.)

I immediately scoured YouTube for a few videos of Alonso running up the first base line, and came up empty. One Alonso video does exist, however, and I have it for you.

It's a five-minute sit-down interview with Alonso, conducted by two youngish people working for a Miami, Fla., television station. The interview is mostly boring, but we find out two things about Alonso: (1.) He has no problem being interviewed with bedhead, and (2.) he has a Lloyd Christmas haircut (see above).

Without further ado, your first look at Yonder Alonso:

-Brad Spieser (