Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hi, Hello and Welcome: Part Thirteen

George Grande was at it again Wednesday:

"For Joey Votto and Jay Bruce today, kind of a special day--they had a chance to meet and greet and talk with Don Mattingly, the great first baseman. Outstanding hitter, .300 career hitter, and a guy who I think in both of our minds is a hall of famer. No, his numbers didn't warrant that simply because his career was cut short with back difficulties, but a hall of famer on the field, a hall of famer off the field, too."

Let me get this straight...

Don Mattingly doesn't have the numbers to get him to Cooperstown--everybody agrees with this--and yet Grande thinks he belongs in the Hall of Fame. I'm guessing this has something to do with Mattingly being a "hall of famer off the field." Okay.

(Also, do you think Jay Bruce has any idea who Don Mattingly is? Bruce was nine-years-old when Mattingly retired, and two-years-old when Mattingly last made an All Star team.)

Other Grande stuff...

Grande's pre-game interview with Mattingly saw him say "Donny Baseball" three times in less than two minutes.

He also called Gary Majewski "The Magic Man" and simply "Magic" about five seconds apart. Earvin Johnson has company.

George Grande, your Reds television announcer since 1993!

-Brad Spieser (