Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bronson Arroyo Plays Baseball In Cincinnati (For The Reds)


1. I am a Bronson Arroyo apologist. And then some.

2. He's been dreadful this season.

Note the use of the words "this" and "season."

There seems to be a notion that Bronson Arroyo hasn't been able to get anyone out since the All Star break of 2006. In fact, that's precisely what Mr. Marty Brennaman said during Tuesday's debacle in Toronto (which is in Canada).

As much as it pains me to say it, my first broadcasting hero is just plain wrong. And so is everyone else who believes that nonsense. I've already been through this (read No. 13), but let me explain it again...

While Arroyo has been lousy this season, his 321 innings--spanning the '06 All Star break through the end of the '07 season--were pretty solid. And way above the league average. Over that time Arroyo had a 3.98 ERA with a WHIP in the respectable 1.35 range (Carlos Zambrano's WHIP this season is 1.33).

Again, I'm not defending anything that Arroyo has done on the mound this season; he's been awful. But the belief that the National League caught up to him in the summer of '06 is patently false. Something happened from last year to this, and I have no idea what.

(Note: The problem isn't his music "career." Can we stop assessing blame on Arroyo's guitar, and/or his time spent playing it?)

Now, as far as Arroyo's plummeting trade value, I have the solution: Don't trade him. You can't, anyway. He's highly paid and ineffective. What could the Reds possibly receive in a trade that would be worth it? I say stick Arroyo in long relief for the rest of the year and let him attempt to iron out the kinks - and move him next year if he does. I'm guessing he's not a washed-up bum at this point - while his walks and hits are way up, his K's/9 are at an all-time high.

Thoughts? Email me.

(Note: I'm either getting my computator back later today or sometime Thursday. Regardless, I'll give pre-NBA draft thoughts Thursday.)

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