Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"I Could Stop Karl Malone In The Post."

Paula Cole once sang about unnamed cowboys and their whereabouts. We, the curious public, really wanted to know and never received a satisfying answer.

And you peoples continue to ask of podcasts and their disappearing act. I'm sure my answers never satisfied, which why I'll just say I'm sorry.

But anyway, the real reason for the delay has to do with Project Playlist, and their burning desire to keep me (and this very decent website) down. For whatever reason, I haven't been able to add new tracks to the media player. I've tried various tricks (not really) and consulted countless smart people (my busy cousin), and still, no luck. I'm sure there's an easy answer to all this, but Plan B will have to suffice until then.

What's Plan B? Clicking this link to listen to the newest podcast, "i could stop karl malone in the post."

But wait, don't you want to know what this podcast is about?

Brief podcast summary: How much do you hate "I could hit him" guy? You know the guy who watches a crappy pitcher like Matt Belisle and announces to everyone in the room that he could take Belisle deep? Well, Craig and I can't stand those people. And we have a 3-minute podcast to prove it. Listen. Tell friends.

(Note: I really do know someone--a 5'9 white guy--who claimed he could stop Karl Malone in the post.)

Which reminds me of the greatest Sportscenter commercial of all time:

Did you listen to the podcast? Did you listen to the podcast? Did you listen to the podcast? We podcasted! Craig and I are podcasting legends! We podcast. This is what's called a link.

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)