Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shocker: Jeff Brantley's Still An Idiot

"Speed will beat you more times than not."

-Jeff Brantley

The Mississippi Wordsmith said these words after an infield hit by Drew Stubbs on Friday night. It was a complete thought for Brantley. A beginning, middle and end. Two seconds of silence preceded his statement, and two seconds followed. Brantley said what he wanted to say.

The moment Brantley's words registered, I started analyzing them. Within a minute I arrived at the following conclusion: Regardless of context, there will never be a situation where the above quote makes a lick of sense.

In case you forgot, yes, Jeff Brantley makes a lot more money than you. Except he doesn't work as hard as you, and he's nowhere near as competent.

He's literally an idiot.

-Brad Spieser (