Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gambling: Season Two, Episode 5 (+ Podcast)

***Most important news of the week***

I posted a new podcast. It's highly offensive and really funny. We mention Alicia Silverstone's role in Aerosmith's "Crazy" video (director's cut seen below). It's titled, "Feeling Guilty About Praying." Listen.

***Most important news besides the most important news***

South Carolina is only a four-point underdog tonight against No. 4 ranked Old Mississippi. So far, South Carolina eked out a 7-3 win over putrid NC State, allowed 41 points to Georgia and needed a second half surge to put away Florida Atlantic.

And again, Old Mississippi is the fourth ranked team in all of North America.

Vickers loves the Gamecocks tonight.

To be official, South Carolina (+4) vs. Old Mississippi is a $150 play.

Tell your friends.


I'll post the rest of the Vickers picks tomorrow. We're due for a big week. I's promise you.


The aforementioned Alicia Silverstone horniness:

-Brad Spieser (