Friday, September 18, 2009

Gambling: Season Two, Episode 4

Disappointing week for the Vickers System, which means it was a disappointing week for Vegas. Will we bounce back? Of course! We always do. The picks...



North Illinois (+12) at Purdue

Oregon Ducks (-4) vs. Utah Runnin' Utes

Nebraska (+5) at Virginia Institute of Technology

Buffalo (+4.5) at Cental Florida Daunte Culpeppers

Tulsa (+17.5) at Boomer Sooner

Florida State (+8) at BYU Mormon Country



Akron Zips of the Mid American Conference (-4.5) vs. Indiana Hoosiers of the Big Ten

Duke (+23.5) at Kansas Dana Stubblefields

Kansas State (+12.5) at UCLA and St. Teresa have the same nickname

Golden Gophers (+14) vs. Golden Bears

Rice Fighting Owls (+32) at Oklahoma State

Armal Academy (-8) vs. Ball State University

Words: The Armal Academy should never be favored by more than a touchdown! Ever! Against anybody!



Frestucky (+7.5) vs. Boise Murdering Murderers***Friday Night Game***

Eastern Michigan (+24) at Ann Arbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marshall (+3) vs. Bowling Green State


Anti-Vickers pick...

Last week, I begged you not to bet against Boise; this week I'm begging you not to wager on Washington State. Oh yes, they're a Vickers play, but Craig and I are betting the other way and taking SMU (-6) at Washington State.



Panthers (+6.5) vs. Falcons



Bengals (+9) at Lambeau Leap

The Jay Cutler Experience (+3) vs. Steelers

Dolphins (+3) vs. Colts***Monday Night***



Lions (+9.5) vs. Vikings

Last week: 4-6; -$310
Overall: 6-8; -$330

-Brad Spieser (


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