Monday, April 13, 2009

Hi, Hello And Welcome 2009: Part 1

Boy am I slipping. The Reds have played five games already and I haven't mentioned George Grande in any of my posts. Until now.

Tonight the Reds kick off a series with the Brewers, or as Grande will most certainly refer to them 6,200 times over the course of the series, the Brew Crew. Anyway, this series is really important for two reasons:

1. I wagered a healthy amount of cash on not only the Reds winning more than 78.5 games but the Brewers winning fewer than 80.5 contests. Like I said, this series is important for this guy.

2. The 4th inning. That's the inning I'm guessing Grande will reference Harvey's Wallbangers like (a.) they were playing yesterday or (b.) they are relevant outside of Wisconsin. Harvey's Wallbangers, for those of you who don't know (which is pretty much everybody), was the nickname given to the 1982 Brewers (a team remembered by pretty much nobody).


Grande, by the way, was on fire Saturday. During the first inning against Pittsburgh, Georgie Boy called Johnny Cueto "Johnny B" and "John-O," not to mention saying "Here's Andy" when career .176 hitter Andy LaRoche came to the plate. And oh yeah, he called the Pirates the "Buc-O's" on a few hundred occasions.

George Grande, your Reds TV announcer since 1993!

-Brad Spieser (