Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'll Remove My Top If You Listen To Our Latest Podcast!

I find it impossible to believe that Bob and Tom has entertained anybody. Ever. In the history of the world. It's a remarkably unfunny radio show with forced laughter and no honesty.

Which is a depressing realization, actually. But anyway, I have something for your ears: Our latest podcast, "craig might not cry if his sister died."

It's the antithesis of Bob and Tom (or Alan Cutler, or whoever). It's genuinely funny, it's not forced, it's bloody honest and it illustrates two hosts with perfect chemistry.

I ask you: Isn't that the idea of talk radio? Since the answer is obviously Yes, then why is radio and podcasting, save for a handful of examples (Howard Stern, Steve Czaban, Keith and The Girl to name three), undeniably dreadful?

Even though I have the answer (pathetic talent pool and shortsighted decision makers) I can't do anything about it - other than recording my own podcast and hoping for the best.

Which brings me back to "craig might not cry if his sister died."

In exactly seven minutes we find out, among other things, which sibling's death would extract the most tears from Craig. We also get to hear why The Snake has their mom cut his grass. Also, Craig talks about his brief encounters with his absentee father.

Whether the topic is serious or not, we keep a humorous tone throughout, and it sounds as if Craig and I are having this discussion in your living room (which is the goal of talk radio).

I'm not even sure this is our best work, but I know it's better than almost everything you'll listen to on your drive to work tomorrow. Radio hosts try to be funny, but (by and large) they're not. They think they're entertaining, but they're boring. Craig and I? We're a lot of things, but we're not boring.

And now--after enduring my somewhat biased opinion--it's begging time.

Listen to craig might not cry if his sister died. Listen to it and give me your $0.02. Think back to the last time you listened to Alan Cutler (pictured above) and ask yourself if Craig and I could easily handle that job. Please. Do it for me. IT WILL ONLY TAKE SEVEN MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE!

The reason this is so important to me? Because not enough people are listening to the podcasts. It's not that they've listened and not come's that they've never even given it a shot (I'm talking close friends and family members, too). The number of listeners I have pale in comparison to TwinKilling's readership - for the life of me I'll never understand this.

Your seven minutes begins...NOW!

-Brad Spieser (