Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ever Wonder How Active Magic Johnson Was?

I'm not a doctor, which may explain the following: According to my math, it's impossible to get HIV after one session of unprotected intercourse. You have to earn it through years and years of determined effort. That being the case, I wonder how many partners Magic Johnson had between 1979 and 1991. Let's see...six, seven young ladies a day, multiplied by roughly 4,000 days...that makes for somewhere around 1.3 billion different partners. Yep, Magic Johnson earned his HIV.

But anyway, that's the sort of thing Craig and I discuss in our latest podcast, leftover crap--magic johnson sex--tiger woods scandal--airplane crash.

(Instead of telling you to listen, which doesn't seem to do the trick, how about this: Go play in traffic! This is my version of reverse psychology.)

Other things's heard on the podcast:

What would happen if Tiger Woods was involved in the dirtiest scandal possible (which may or may not involve young boys)?

Remember when you thought in order to survive a plane crash all you had to do was jump out ten feet before impact?

Did you realize a good shower will cure AIDS? It's true.

Now go play in traffic.

-Brad Speser (