Thursday, July 10, 2008

Craig Meets The Great Doug Gottlieb

It's not often an Ohioan (one from Ohio) gets to meet a C-List celebrity in Los Angeles, but that's precisely what happened to Craig when he visited California about a month ago.

As you may recall from his encounters with A-Listers such as Keyshawn Johnson and Evander Holyfied (which can be found on the media player at the top of the page), Craig has no problem kicking up conversation and making these guys feel uncomfortable. When he ran into Gottlieb, who was relaxing by the pool while sending/receiving text messages, he had no such luck; Gottlieb was a pretty good sport. As I expected.

Among the stuffs one broadcast veteran (Craig) asked the other (Gottlieb):

-Why did you wear smaller shoes when you played?

-Did you ever get drunk with Eddie Sutton? (Which, somehow, led to Craig defending Chris Henry)

-How did a Jew end up at Notre Dame?

You're excited to listen now - I can feel it.

So go ahead and enjoy craig meets doug gottlieb. You will only be somewhat disappointed.

-Brad Spieser (