Saturday, January 12, 2008

NFL Lock of the Millennium: Playoff Edition Part Deux

To quote Nice Guy Eddie, "Okay, first things fuckin' last"...

Look, the lack of posting on this website is something I'm entirely aware of. Really, I am. The reason I bring this up is so you'll stop reminding me. You can also stop telling me how I should be updating things with more regularity. Again, no shit.

Do you really think that I don't realize the ramifications of my (non) actions over the past four days? Do you think I'm happy that I've stunted the momentum I built up at the end of last year (2007)? Seriously, you think I'm doing cartwheels over here?

In case you forgot, I'm the human who runs this website. And I'm the human who pays the bills. And I'm the human who purchased a brand new computator from over the summer, specifically to create this decent website (and also to watch girls dancing in their underwear on YouTube, but whatever). And I'm the human who writes about his urine smelling like tuna. That's me! I'm him!

Got it, jerks?

As for the reason I've been unable to finish my OSU-LSU wrap-up, as well as a million other things, such as a Bengals end-of-season column, a proper look back at the Jesus Christ (aka Josh Hamilton) era or more Vegas stories...well, I've been busy. Like, really busy. Like, busier than I've ever been in my life. I've been busy working two jobs in order to get myself some extra cash, which will hopefully allow me to (a.) get out of debt, (b.) pay rent on time and (c.) eat food.

Making things worse, I haven't been anywhere near a computator during my times of busyness, which means that when I've actually had a free minute, I was catching up on my regular reading and checking emails (you know, the things I draw inspiration from). Things got so busy a few days ago that I went something like 54 hours without reading the latest on personal record. Listen, some men are ashamed of their inadequacies in the bedroom. Me? I'm ashamed when I haven't seen the high school highlight tapes for an incoming recruit at Ohio State. To me, this is just as important as possessing a fully functioning weiner.

But anyway, that's my life at the moment. Sounds fun, don't it? The good news is that I'll soon be (somewhat) out of debt, while still reaching my minimum goals of paying rent and eating food. More importantly, I'll be working significantly less, which will allow me to write and podcast more. Horny?

I'm sure I could write sympathetically about myself for a few more hours, but I gots me some football picking to do.

My record now stands at 18-16, which is certainly respectable, but not exactly what I'd envisioned after reaching a semi-sexy 18-13. Oh well.

The Lock of the Millennium...

New England-Jacksonville OVER (50)

I'm fairly confident that we're looking at a 41-27 ballgame, although I wouldn't be surprised if David Garrard game-manages his way to a measly ten points in a 35-10 Patriots blowout.

The end.

More words: I'll post something Saturday night or Sunday morning before the Colts-Chargers tilt. This is because I'm a loser. ALSO, ALSO, ALSO...I'll post something Sunday night before I go sleepy-time. And...I'll finish my OSU-LSU stuff soon (not that you care at this point), I have a Vegas story basically ready (with pictures), so you can expect that in the coming days as well. AND...Craig and I are podcasting Monday afternoon. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it won't be long until things are back to normal.

For now, leave me the frick alone...I'm trying to watch grainy videotape of a Caucasian high school linebacker from Toledo, Ohio.

Keep the change, you filthy animals.

-Brad Spieser (