Friday, January 18, 2008

Greg Oden = Randy Moss

There was a point during the NFL's offseason when Randy Moss appeared to be headed to Green Bay to catch passes for the over-the-hill Brett Favre. This was a few months before the talentless Portland Trail Blazers made Greg Oden the first selection of the NBA draft.

Fast forward to right now...

Moss isn't catching passes for Favre, and yet Green Bay is one game away from being NFC champs. And Brett Favre is playing his best football in five years (as I predicted)

As for Oden, he's out for the season, and somehow Portland is staring at a 26-15 record. In the freaking West!

What I find interesting in all of this is how--had Moss played for the Packers and Oden stayed healthy--they would have been given the majority of the credit for their respective team's turnaround.

Greg Oden = Randy Moss.

Brad = smart.

NFL Lock of the Millennium...

I got greedy last week and picked a game on Sunday after I already had secured a winner on Saturday. These are the kind of problems I ran into when I was a real gambler. Anyway, the record now stands at 19-18 and I refuse to go under .500. Which is why my Lock for Championship Sunday is...

I have no goddamn idea.

Is it still a Lock if I'm not all that confident with the pick? Is it a mistake to show fear in a public setting? Should I keep asking myself questions as if I were Alan Cutler?

Okay, here goes nothing: My reluctant NFL Lock of the Millennium is Green Bay-New York UNDER (39.5).

I hate taking unders, I hate fourth grade and I hate all of you.

NFL playoffs note: For quality in-game blogging visit Sons of the Tundra. My buddy Wess is like Matt Mosely without the contacts.

End of words.

Keep the change, you filthy animals.

-Brad Spieser (