Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Damn You, Brian Robiskie

(Note: It's been a number of years since I drank until 5:30 on a Monday.)

Where has Laura Leighton been all my life? That's really the only thing on my mind as I watch Melrose Place in my current state of hungoverness. Well that and what would have happened if Brian Robiskie had caught that touchdown...

Listen, LSU was the better team. And I don't mean that in a they-were-the-better-team-that-night sort of way. Nope, they were just better. They are better. LSU is better at playing American football than Ohio State. Got it? But...I don't think it's by a wide margin. I think if Ohio State and LSU were to line up against each other ten times--you know, in reality land--I believe the Bucks could take three of those games.

But they'd need to play a near-flawless game. They'd need to be on the good side of the 50-50 plays, which they clearly weren't Monday night.

Crap, I have to finish this later. I was just given an opportunity to make a decent chunk of cash and I can't pass it up. I have to drive to Columbus immediately. Does this make me seem important?

To be continued...

UPDATE: My NFL picks are coming Saturday afternoon. I will also address the lack of posts over the last four days. Be patient, peoples.