Saturday, October 17, 2009

gambling: season two, episode 9

im hungover. i want dead.

college sports


central florida +13 had daunte culpepper killed himself after the 04 season he might be in the hall of fame

kansas state +5.5 bill snyder isn't so great at inspiring the young blacks this time around

colorado +9.5 colorado 90 was a good team on bill walsh 94 for sega genesis

San Dog State Aztecs +17 darnay scott had more seasons of 800 yards and 5 tds than any wr ever


Oklahoma +3 in what used to be known as the red river shootout until kids didn't start shooting each other hooray for political correctness

UAB +22 sports!

San Jose State +20 remember that special teams player with one leg


Purdue +14 why do their rbs always suck

Miami Redskins +14 lance mcalister used to interview shane montgomery three times a week and nobody gave a shit

Marshall +20.5 randy moss wore candy cane socks

Tulane +17 shain king patrick ramsey jp losman and ohio state has a bunch of shitty fags at qb

Middle of Tennessee +4.5 blue raiders is the greatest nickname in the history of great nicknames

pro sports


texans +5 i told you steve slaton wasn't anything special

-my name is bradley alan spieser