Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gambling: Season Two, Episode 7

All substance, no style today. We ain't gots not time, and besides, the Brian Vickers System hasn't delivered much to brag about this season. After a glorious Saturday, we crapped the bed on Sunday. The picks...

***NCAA $50***

Buffalo (+8.5) vs. LeFevour Fever

Armal Academy (-6) vs. Tulane

Spartans (-4) vs. Michigan Wolves


***NCAA $100***

Cal Golden Bears (+4)
vs. Trojans


***NCAA $150***

The Cuse (+7) vs. South Florida Bulls

UTEP Two Step (+14.5) vs. Houston Fighting Klingler Brothers


***$300 Ten Star Lock of the Millennium!***

Duke (+17) vs. Virginia Tech


***Veto Power***

It should be noted that Craig and I have a 3-1 record when staying away from obvious Vickers selections. Today, we make it 4-1. The play we're not making: Miami Redskins (+29) vs. Cincinnati University Bearcats. If this game isn't a 51-10 smashing for the Bearcats, I officially know nothing about sports. We're wagering on Brian Kelly today.


***NFL $50***

Dolph Lundgren (Pick)
vs. Buffalo Bills

Kyle Orton (+3) vs. Dallas Cowboys


***NFL $100***

Seahawks (+10)
at Colts

Steelers (-6) vs. Chargers


***NFL $150

Saints (-7)
vs. Jets

Browns (+6) vs. Bengals


***Veto Power***

Raiders (+8.5)
vs. Texans

Words: How in the hell could I bet on Oakland? That franchise is more screwed up than the Bengals. How did they make the Super Bowl this decade? Yes, we're backing the Texans. This sucker could get ugly.


Last Week: 10-7 (+$70)
Overall: 25-25-1 (-$725)

Keep the faith, my people!

-Brad Spieser (


Daniel Phillips said...

You just keep picking against the Cowboys...they will win by at least 10.

Daniel Phillips said...

Damn it