Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do You Love Your Family Because You Have To?

Why do love your parents? Is it because they're great people, or perhaps it's only because you know them longer than everyone else? Isn't there a great possibility that people living right down the street from them are much better people?

What about friends and other family members? Do you truly enjoy their company? Do you even have all that much in common with them? Or again, do you just know them longer? Are you simply used to them?

If it seems like I've been reading a bunch of Malcolm Gladwell lately, I haven't. But Craig and I recently recorded about various topics, including "why he hates (yet loves) his big brother, The Hobbit." And although we laugh throughout the four-plus minute podcast, there's more than a few legitimate things to chew on.

Will listening to "Craig Hates (Yet Loves) His Big Brother" make you a smarter person? Probably not. Will it get you to examine a handful of the relationships in your life? In the words of Georger Zimmer, "I guarantee it."

Either way, we (and by "we," I mostly mean Craig) deliver more honesty and entertainment than anything you'll hear on terrestrial radio this afternoon.

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-Brad Spieser (