Monday, July 6, 2009

They Either Die Of AIDS or Sickle Cell

My dad gave me some advice yesterday. He thinks I should tone it down a bit on the website -- this would help me appeal to a wider audience. It makes sense, but I'm not all that sensible.

I told him that would be like telling Shaquille O'Neal to work on his three-point shooting, or suggesting Martin Scorsese direct a PG-13 movie.

Or asking George Grande to stop acting like a dumb gay nerd.

What's the point? We have to do what we do best. Shaq gets things done in the paint; Scorsese directs profanity-laden films about blood and violence; Grande pulls his wrinkle-free Dockers up to his breasts and says "yes-ir-ee" during nearly every broadcast.

You are what you is.

And I'm someone who associates with Craig Emmert.

Which helps explain why I have no qualms about posting a podcast titled, "They Either Die Of AIDS Or Sickle Cell."


-Brad Spieser (


Daniel Phillips said...

wow...funny as heck. Wacko jacko is gone, at least his kids are safe now. He probably died of food poisoning after eating an 11 year old weiner. Anyways...just wanted to know if you've seen this garbage on espn2. Scott Van Pelt has his own show (which i'm fine with), but from 3-4 some chick and Colin Cowherd are just ruining television. Makes me wanna choke a puppy.