Sunday, July 26, 2009

Important Question Regarding The Sopranos

Although I know nothing about modern-day organized crime, The Sopranos always felt real to me. Other than Meadow having premarital relations with Finn, I was generally buying what series creator David Chase was selling. But one thing has always bothered me, and it's now the question of the day:

Why didn't the Sopranos have a finished basement?

Think about it...

1. They were rich, and rich folks have finished basements. The Sopranos had a private drive and a swimming pool, and they weren't afraid to remodel. So why did their basement look like they lived in Price Hill?

2. Meadow and A.J. each had a lot of friends, and kids are the reason finished basements were invented. You wanna play your stupid Nintendo all day? Fine. Just do it down in the basement. And don't spill any red pop on the carpet...

3. The Sopranos constantly hosted post-funeral get-togethers, Thanksgiving dinners, Super Bowl parties, etc. These were always large gatherings, and it seems to me a finished basement would've been a nice alternative to the goings-on in the living room.

End of words.


Please email me if you have a good answer to my rather brilliant question.

-Brad Spieser (