Saturday, March 20, 2010

Second Round Picks: Stop! Jimmer Time!

I gots two locks today, but I'm betting every game.

BYU-Kansas State OVER (155)

Words: If Kansas State commits at all to transition offense, they'll score an easy 80. However...if they commit to slowing down Jimmer Fredette, the man who turned me into a prophet, this could be a game played in the mid-60's. But I happen to think Kansas State will run with the Cougs, and I happen to think my boy Jimmer will stay hot. And if the Fighting Mormoms advance to the Sweet 16, please brace for the worldwide blow job Fredette is about to receive. If you love Jimmer today, you may hate him tomorrow.

St. Mary's (+5) vs. Villanova

In-depth breakdown: Fuck Villanova

Locks record: 3-3 (and optimistic)


And since I'm a degenerate, I'm wagering on every other game today. Don't believe me?

Ohio-Tennessee OVER (141.5) -- See BYU-K. State game; this game could be in 80's or 60's.

Baylor (-4.5) vs. Old Dominion -- I'm afraid Baylor will win by two, but whatever.

Kentucky University (-9.5) vs. Forest, Wake

Northern Iowa White People (+11.5) vs. Kansas Whites and Blacks

Butler (-4.5) vs. Murray's Liquor -- $10 to the first reader who gets the reference.

New Mexico (+2.5) vs. Washington -- It sure seems like everyone loves Washington today.

-Brad Spieser (